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Mism4tches 2018

Workshop on Functional Categories and Semantic Mism4tches

Call for papers
OCTOBER 4-5, 2018

The purpose of this workshop is to explore mismatches – and the interpretive processes by which they are resolved – when these involve functional categories with semantic features (‘interpretable’ features, in Adger & Svenonius 2009; ‘morphosyntactic’ features, in Kibort & Corbett 2010; ‘procedural’ meaning. in Escandell-Vidal et al. 2011). Some of the more significant examples of this kind of mismatches are found between tense (or grammatical aspect) and lexical aspect, between quantifiers and nouns (or adjectives), or between copulas and non-verbal predicates, among other cases. The workshop will be a forum to bring together researchers from areas such as syntax, semantics or pragmatics, and combines theoretical, experimental and applied approaches. Understanding how these phenomena work is a fundamental step towards an adequate articulation of the grammar/pragmatics interface.